From its founding in 2008 until 2018, Father Bernard Poggi served as President of the Queen of Peace Foundation. Under his leadership and determination the foundation was taken from a fledgling startup to a truly impactful non profit, which has made a significant change in the lives of many. Father Bernard has attributed the organization’s key success as the complete transparency to all of our generous benefactors, which has continued through the appointment of the current board of trustees


Through our philanthropic endeavors and the continued support of our valued donors, we have been able to make a significant impact on thousands of lives across the world. From sending boxes of essential goods to Syria at the height of the Civil War to providing tuition support to several students here in the United States, The Queen of Peace Foundation aids whoever we see needs it most.


We continue to be dedicated to being the only organization where one hundred percent of every donation received goes directly to the beneficiary it was intended for. The prospect of being the first and only organization of its kind working on the premise of charity for those in need while fulfilling the intent of those who give, with oversight by volunteer-sponsors who are actively involved in the charitable cases continues to be our greatest motivation.


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